The public gathering of financial resources 
targeting a Complete Reconstruction of the roof and top floor ceilings of the church (the former Jewish Synagogue) of The Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren in Hořovice

The Parish Congregation – The Affiliate Congregation in Hořovice, phone: +420 318 523 534, web:

The Church of the ECCB in Hořovice
Valdecká 408

The public gathering for the complete reconstruction of the ceilings and roofs of the church building of The Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren in Hořovice (former Jubilee synagogue) was announced in the second half of the year 2018 because of the emergency condition of the ceilings and the roof of the building. The main worship hall is closed for security reasons until the repairs are complete. The worships are held every Sunday from 8:30 am in a small prayer room in the church building.

Please, help us to re-establish community activities in this church which has a very interesting history. The main hall is the place where worships, baptisms, weddings, concerts, Christmas performances, exhibitions, lectures and other events take place.

You can also transfer your gift to the congregational account: 2700412961/2010 with the identification (variable) symbol 408 shown. If you would like to obtain a confirmation for the tax purposes, add to the notefor the receiver your name and full address.

History of the church - former synagogue

Julius Bondy, the contemporary president of the Jewish religious community, came up with a proposal to build a synagogue.
In April 1903, the architect and developer Otto Zambory commenced construction and on March 3rd, 1904, the synagogue was inaugurated. For the purpose of devotional service it served until the Second World War, then it was used as a storehouse for furniture. After the war, the Jewish religious community in Hořovice was not re-established because of a small number of Jews.

The building was purchased in 1947 by The Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren. In 1972 it was rebuilt according to the J. Esterle´s project - the main worship hall was reduced, the small prayer room and the parish office were created. The original gallery for women was rebuilt to the flat for the pastor of the congregation. In 2011, two plaques were placed on the facade - one with the symbol of a seven-armed candlestick, the commemoration of the Jewish past of the building, and the other with the symbol of a chalice and a cross that reminds the evangelical past and presence. These plaques were made by American sculptor Eric Wilson.



Due to a numerous Jewish community in Hořovice, there was founded JewishReligious Community in 1875, and at the same time

there was also founded a prayer hall (a rented room in a house in the town), which had served this purpose until 1903. A proposal to build a synagogue, which would become a dignified prayer place, came from Julius Bondy, Chairman of the Jewish Religious Community. For 500 gold coins, a gift from Count William Hanavský, there was purchased a building plot and the construction builder Otto Zambory initializated the building in April 1903. 
Finished synagogue was officially opened on 3rd March 1904. It served its sacramental purposes until the Second World War, when it was used as a furniture storeroom. 
After the war, members of three families returned to Hořovice, but the Jewish Religious Community was not restored dueto a small number of Jews. The evangelic Church of Czech Brethren bought it from the Jewish Religious Community in 1947. 
In 1972 it was rebuilt according to a project by J. Esterle - the main prayer hall was reduced in size and there was an apartment set up on the first floor.


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